junior lieutenant, participant of the Second World War  Hero of the Soviet Union (March 24, 1945)

Mikhail Murashkin was born on November 23, 1914 in the village of Ruchevo (now – Kuryinsky district of Altai Krai). After graduating from the 7th grade of school, he worked on the Termez railway. In 1942, Murashkin was drafted into the Red Army. A participant in World War II since September of that year. He was twice seriously wounded in battle. In 1943, Murashkin graduated from the Chirchik School of Tankers.
Until October 1944, Lieutenant Mikhail Murashkin was a platoon commander in the 117th Tank Brigade of the 1st Tank Corps of the 1st Guards Army of the 1st Baltic Front. He was active in the battles on the territory of the Lithuanian SSR. On October 6, 1944, in a battle near the village of Kelme, he destroyed several enemy tanks and artillery, wounded himself, but continued the battle.
Especially in the attack on the city of Kelme, the 3rd Battalion of the 117th Tank Brigade, led by Captain Zakharchenko, moves boldly. A tank platoon led by Lieutenant MF Murashkin launched a surprise attack, destroying the assault artillery, two artillery pieces and about fifty Nazis.
Clearing the way, Murashkin directs three tanks to the rear of the enemy defense. It frightens the enemy. The enemy’s three battery artillerymen are forced to drop their weapons and flee. It opens the way for its own tanks.
Murashkin takes the fighting vehicles to the Nazi village of Pokalnyek. They invade, but lose two tanks in a battle with a superior enemy. It will cost the Nazis dearly. The wounded commander destroys 4 artillery pieces and several dozen fascists; will continue to fight until senior lieutenant A.P. Plugar and the rest of the battalion arrive. Mikhail Fedorovich Murashkin was awarded the title of Hero of the Soviet Union.
By the Decree of the Presidium of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR of March 24, 1945, Junior Lieutenant Mikhail Murashkin was awarded the title of Hero of the Soviet Union “for exemplary performance of combat duties, courage and heroism in the fight against Nazi invaders on the front.”
He died July 6, 1977.