staff Sergeant a participant in World War II Hero of the Soviet Union (04.10.1945)

   Born in 1913 in the village of Efremovka (now – Akmola region of Kazakhstan). Until drafting into the army, he worked as an accountant. In the Red Army since Juny 1941. From the same year – on the fronts of World War II.
   By January 1945, he commanded a horse platoon of the 302nd separate reconnaissance company of the 214th Rifle Division of the 52nd Army of the 1st Ukrainian Front. He distinguished himself during the battles in Silesia. On January 25, 1945, the Nizhurin platoon was the first to reach Oder in the vicinity of the village of Lange (now Łęg southeast of Wroclaw) and reconnoitered the crossings, after which it crossed to the west coast, captured the bridgehead and held it until the main forces crossed.
   March 3, 1945 Nizhurin died in battle. He was buried in the city of Zagan, Poland.
   By decree of the Presidium of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR dated April 10, 1945, the staff sergeant Philip Nizhurin was posthumously awarded the high rank of Hero of the Soviet Union.