A private, a participant in World War II Hero of the Soviet Union (16.05.1944).

He was born on February 11, 1898, in the village of Glazar in present-day Georgia’s Akhaltsikhe region to a peasant family. Azerbaijan. Before the war he was a farmer and chairman of the collective farm.
In 1941 he was drafted into the army. From March 1942 he served in World War II. He was a gunner in the 164th Guards Rifle Regiment of the 55th Guards Rifle Division. He fought in the wars for the Caucasus, Crimea and Ukraine.
In the fall of 1943, he fought valiantly for the city of Kerch. On November 3, 1943, while crossing the Kerch Strait, an enemy firing point with heavy fire prevented the attack of the 5th Company fighters. Enemy crawls to a high-altitude firing point under fire and destroys by throwing a grenade at the firing range window.
On his way back to his comrades, he killed 4 German soldiers in a hand-to-hand battle in an enemy trench. He captured an enemy machine gun in the trenches and fired at the retreating enemy. He does not leave the battlefield despite being wounded. He killed more than 40 enemy soldiers and officers in the battles on the Kerch Peninsula.
By the Decree of the Presidium of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR of May 16, 1944, a private Bekir Dursunoglu Mustafayev was awarded the title of Hero of the Soviet Union “For exemplary performance of the command’s combat missions, courage and heroism in the fight against the Nazi invaders on the front”.
After the war, he lived and worked in the village of Kaynama, Samarkand region.
He died on December 10, 1978. One of the streets in the village is named after him.

Hero of the Soviet Union Gold Star

Орден Ленина