sergeant, a participant in World War II, Full holder of the Order of Glory (June 27, 1945)

He was born on March 16, 1919, in the village of Snezhkovka, Krasavsky District, Saratov Region, in a peasant family. Russian. Growing up without a father, he finished 5th grade. He worked as a tractor driver on a collective farm.
He later moved to Uzbekistan and worked as a driver at the cotton factory № 9 in Uchkurgan district.
In 1941 he was drafted into the Red Army from the Uchkurgan military commissariat. At the front since November of that year.
In the spring of 1944, Guards Sergeant Tokarev commanded the 37th mm anti-aircraft artillery of the 99th Special Guard Anti-Aircraft Artillery Battalion of the 128th Guards Mountaineers Turkestan Division.
In March-April 1944, in Kerch (Crimea), Tokarev shot down 8 enemy planes, destroyed 2 armored vehicles, assault artillery and destroyed more than 10 Nazis.
By order of May 16, 1944, Sergeant Tokarev Alexei Pavlovich was awarded the Order of Glory III degree. At the end of September 1944, the 128th Guards Mountain Archer Turkestan Division arrived at the watershed of the Carpathian Mountains with heavy fighting.
Some heights pass from hand to hand several times. On October 14-19, the division will take part in the liberation of the town of Zvala (Czechoslovakia, 16 km north of Snina). Tokarev’s account was in the artillery, moving in a dangerous direction where the enemy’s attack was expected. On the first day of the battle, in response to the enemy’s attacks, the anti-aircraft gunners destroyed more than 40 German soldiers.
With his courage and bravery, he began to advance the artillery units to capture the village of Zwal. In total, more than 20 enemy soldiers were defeated in the battles, destroying 8 machine gun points and destroying 3 assault artillery pieces.
He was awarded the Order of Glory of the II degree by the order of December 14, 1944.
In April 1945 he was awarded the Order of Glory of the 1st degree for the battles in Czechoslovakia. “On April 16, 1945, in a fierce battle for the village of Gojitsa,” said the award sheet, “Guards Sergeant Tokarev, the account commander, took the artillery out into the open and destroyed two of the enemy’s machine guns directly.” and, with a flaming shell, set fire to 4 houses containing an enemy soldier equal to a platoon. In the battle for the town of Ukhilsko on April 18, he destroyed two houses with snipers and an Airlikon cannon.
He was severely wounded in retaliation. Despite the bloodshed, Tokarev continues to repel the enemy’s counterattack. He killed 20 Nazis in the battle. The victory was greeted at the hospital. Released that year. He returned to Uzbekistan.
By the Decree of the Presidium of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR of May 15, 1946, Sergeant Tokarev Alexei Pavlovich was awarded the Order of Glory of the 1st degree “For exemplary performance of the command’s combat missions in the fight against the Nazi invaders on the front, and for the courage and heroism shown”.
In 1947 he moved to Moscow. He has worked as a tractor driver and driver on city construction sites since 1958. He died on January 20, 1977. He is buried in Khovansky Central Cemetery in Moscow.