junior sergeant, a participant in World War II, Full holder of the Order of Glory (April 13, 1983)

He was born on August 9, 1924, in the village of Bakhitli, Chimbay district, present-day Republic of Karakalpakstan, in a peasant family. Karakalpak (in the documents – Kazakh). Primary education. He worked as a team leader on the collective farm. In 1942 he was drafted into the Red Army by the Chimbay District Military Commissariat.
From June 1943 he took part in the battles on the front.
In early 1944, he was a machine gunner in the 5th Rifle Company of the 2nd Rifle Battalion of the 336th Guards Rifle Regiment, and fought in the ranks of the 120th Guards Rifle Division.
In the second half of February 1944, during Operation Rogachevo-Jlobin, crossing the Dnieper, in collaboration with other army units, broke through the strong German defenses and liberated Rogachev. On February 28, 1944, 5 km northeast of the city of Rogachev (Gomel region), crossing the Dnieper River, the platoon was the first to invade enemy trenches and kill more than 10 Nazis with machine guns. During the liberation of the village of Ozeritsa (Rogachevsky district), he was the first to attack, inspire everyone and successfully complete the combat mission.
By order of the 120th Guards Rifle Division on March 2, 1944, Halimbetov Joldasbay (by order of Halinbetov Joldasvay) was awarded the Order of Glory III degree.
In the Belorussian operation, a division of the 1st Belorussian Front took part in breaking through the enemy’s deep defenses northeast of Bobruisk, besieging a large group of the enemy in the city area and developing an offensive in the direction of Novogrudok (Volkovysk).
On June 24, 1944, in the village of Gvardeyskoye, Rogachevsky District, he broke through enemy defenses in the area, first invading enemy trenches and killing 45 Nazis. On June 27, in the village of Novaya Sharoevschina, he destroyed a machine gunner, captured the machine gun, and captured six enemy soldiers. On July 12, he attacked the village of Zablode, killing 15 German soldiers with his machine gun.
On August 22, 1944, by order of the 3rd Army, Junior Guards Sergeant Halimbetov Joldasbay (Juldasvey in the order) was awarded the Order of Glory II degree.
He was seriously wounded on September 1, 1944. He will not return to his ward after treatment. The 38th Rifle Division will continue the battle in the 133rd Rifle Regiment and will lead the Rifle Group. He fought valiantly for the city of Gdynia (Poland).
On March 27, 1945, Junior Sergeant Halimbetov, a Guardsman for the city of Gdynia (Poland), was the first to attack all the fighters. The group invades the city, clears 2 houses and destroys 12 Nazi soldiers.
By order of the 38th Guards Rifle Division on April 14, 1945, Junior Sergeant Halimbetov Joldasbay (in the order – Joldosvoy) was awarded the Order of Glory III degree.
In 1945, Junior Sergeant Halimbetov was released from the reserve. He returns to his homeland. Until 1961 he worked as a brigadier on a farm in Nukus forestry.
By the Decree of the Presidium of the Supreme Soviet of April 13, 1983, the order of April 14, 1945 was annulled and Halimbetov Joldasbay was awarded the Order of “Glory” of the 1st degree.
He lived in the Nukus state farm (Samanbay branch) in the Nukus district of Karakalpakstan.