serjeant a participant in World War II, Full cavalier of the Order of Glory (June 27, 1945)

   Born May 15, 1923 in the village of Ishimovo, Oktyabrsky District, Perm Territory, in a working class family. Tatar. He graduated from 7 classes.
   In March 1942 he was drafted into the Red Army. At the front since June 1943. He began his combat journey in the infantry, as a rifleman in the 7th Rifle Regiment of the 30th Rifle Division on the Kalinin Front. Was injured. After the hospital, at his own request, he was sent to tank troops. In the 25th reserve tank floor he received the specialty of gunner. As part of the crew of the T-34 tank, he participated in the battles for the liberation of Belarus.
   On August 13, 1944, while repulsing an enemy counterattack near the Golomb Guard station, Junior Sergeant Dautov set fire to an enemy tank and destroyed about 10 Nazis.
   By an order of August 27, 1944, the guard sergeant Dautov Akhat Gabdulkhaevich was awarded the Order of Glory of the 3rd degree.
    At the beginning of the 1945 guard, Sergeant Dautov, having discharged from the hospital, returned to his regiment and immediately entered the battle. On February 20, Dautov knocked out a tank and crushed the enemy’s gun, making it easier for infantry to advance.
    By an order of March 10, 1945, the senior sergeant Dautov Akhat Gabdulkhaevich was awarded the Order of Glory of the 2nd degree.
    On April 22, 1945, in the battle for the settlement of Rangsdorf (Germany) of the guard, the foreman Dautov burned the tank, destroyed the enemy observation post and destroyed about 10 Nazis. In early May 1945, as part of his regiment, participated in a march to Prague, ended the war on the Elbe.
    By a decree of the Presidium of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR dated June 27, 1945 “For the exemplary performance of command assignments in battles against Nazi invaders,” Guard Sergeant Dautov Akhat Gabdulkhaevich was awarded the Order of Glory of the 1st degree.
    In 1947 he was demobilized. He worked at the construction of a power plant in the city of Zhigulevsk (Samara region).
    The last time he lived in the city of Kokand, worked as a mechanic at the factory “Building Materials”. Died July 10, 1989.