a private a participant in World War II, Full cavalier of the Order of Glory (15.05.1946)

 He was born on June 20, 1920 in the village of Naiman, now in the Andijan region of the Andijan region, in a peasant family. Uzbek. Graduated from 5 classes. He worked on the collective farm “Commune” of the Balykchi district of the same region.

In the Red Army since 1940. In the battles of World War II since June 1941.

Scout of the 511th howitzer artillery regiment of the 18th howitzer artillery brigade (6th breakthrough artillery division, 47th army, 1st Belorussian front) Red Army soldier Amanov in a battle on October 10, 1944 at the village of Remzhelytsizna north of the city of Warsaw (Poland) Being in the front lines of the infantry, he obtained accurate information about the location of the enemy’s fire weapons.

On October 19, 1944, at the head of a group of scouts, he established the whereabouts of a bunker, two machine guns and an anti-tank gun, which were destroyed during artillery preparation.

By order of the 6th Artillery Division on November 13, 1944, Red Army soldier Amanov Bultur was awarded the Order of Glory of the 3rd degree.

A reconnaissance officer of the same regiment, brigade, and division (61st Army, 1st Belorussian Front) Amanov February 1, 1945 in the battle for the city of Schneidemühl (Germany), now the city of Pyla (Poland), replaced the killed gun crew numbers and together he eliminated two machine guns with fighters, blew up an ammunition depot, destroyed about twenty enemy soldiers, put down three firing points located in the houses, and repelled four counterattacks.

By order of the 61st Army on May 7, 1945, Red Armyman Amanov Bultur was awarded the Order of Glory of the 2nd degree.

Fighting as part of the same regiment and division (47th Army, 1st Belorussian Front), the Red Armyman Amanov in battles for the city of Vritzen (Germany) on April 16-17, 1945 received the task of reconnaissance of the enemy’s fire weapons. He established seven firing points at the front line of the enemy’s defense and an artillery battery. According to the targeting of Amanov, they were suppressed. Being in the battle formations of the infantry, he determined the location of another artillery battery and two machine-gun points on which a fire attack was dealt. When the situation on the battlefield became more complicated, Amanov knocked out two tanks and a self-propelled gun with anti-tank grenades.

By a decree of the Presidium of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR of May 15, 1946, “For exemplary performance of command assignments in battles against Nazi invaders,” Red Armyman Amanov Bultur was awarded the Order of “Glory” of the 1st degree.

In 1946, demobilized. He returned to his homeland. In 1968 he graduated from 8 classes of high school. He worked on the collective farm as a senior field farmer, chief of staff of the civil defense. He lived in his native village, since 1989 in the village of Babagazi, Andijan region. For success in work he was awarded the medal «For Labor Valor».